Enter a new world

Dallas VR Virtual Reality Arcade

We are sorry to say we have closed down our VR Room.

It’s time for a little Real Reality. Come on in and try some Dallas Axe Throwing!

What is Dallas Virtual Reality All About?

Virtual Reality is an immersive interactive experience that is fun for everyone. We have many different types of VR experiences like: interactive music games, escape rooms, zombie hunting, battle royale and much more.

How Does IT Work?

Don't be afraid!
It's easy to get started!

Just Click the Book Now button at the top right and input the number of players and select a date and time.

We recomend you come as a group and rent the room. We have 3 high end virtual reality systems and can accommodate up to 10 people by rotating players.

While not playing you can watch live and on the monitors what your friends are playing.

Our helpful employees will guide you through the learning process and guide you to things you will enjoy the most.