Team Building VR

Yes, You can shoot the boss, sort of!

The nice thing about company parties with virtual reality is everyone is on a level playing field!

Aren't you tired of the same old game?

Golf? Yawn.

Let’s be honest. There are a few guys that play a lot of golf at your company. So if you have a team building outing – they always win! Let’s shake this up and do something completely new that every one can participate in and everyone starts on a level playing field!

We can help with games!

Let us know if there is some goals you are looking to achieve and we will help find the team programs that will help your group the most, whether it working together in and escape room, playing virtual paintball, or challenging each other to walk the plank!

cater your company axe throwing party

Want food?

Order in your favorites

Whether it’s just some pizza’s, BBQ, or tacos. You are welcome to bring food and drink with you or order in.