Virtual Reality Birthday Parties!

No better way to celebrate another year than challenging your friends to the latest virtual reality games!

Birthday Parties like no other.

Feel free to bring in your own food, cake, etc for your virtual reality birthday party!

If you are the one in charge of coming up with a special birthday event for someone, imagine their excitement and surprise when you arrive at our location!

We really know how to throw a virtual party!

We do Private Virtual Reality Birthday Parties!

Our virtual reality arcade has 3 state of the art VR systems with access to dozens of the most popular games. Book a 2 hour session for up to 10 people and we will rotate players in and out while the others can watch the excitement on all of our monitors.


My wife totally surprised me! This was such a great event. The staff was amazing and we had so much fun !
Mens birthday party axe throwing
We wanted to o a little something different for my Girls Night Birthday Party - Greatness!
Womens Birthday axe throwing
This was so much fun. First time but with their instructors, in no time we were killing it! Great Birthday Party!